“Stardew Valley” patch lacks satisfaction for players

By Z. Galaxy

On April 24, 2017, the 1.2 update for the PC version of “Stardew Valley” was released, bringing with it translations for six new languages and bug fixes, as well as some unintended consequences.

The languages included were, according to a post on the official “Stardew Valley” website by Chucklefish community manager Molly Carroll, “German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.”

Despite being meant to fix bugs in the game, such as the bug where a certain recipe could be missed by skipping an event, and patch in features like the “Exit to Title” button and new languages, 1.2 has introduced some new problems.

Comments left on the post by players detail the issues they had discovered.banner_right

“My game is crashing switching from windowed borderless (mode) to fullscreen and vice versa on the original farm layout map,” said user SakuMo. Several others users echo this sentiment, reporting their sudden shutdowns after specific activities.

Another issue that came up in the discussion is the accuracy of the translations. They were completed with the assistance of community members and tested, but it seems some words escaped their grasp.

User 4815162342 commented, “The translation for Chinese has many mistakes… Some sentences feel like (they are) done by Google Translate.”

The two main problems that remain in the minds of players are of what has not been fixed. The bug where an animal will not produce its goods if its happiness level is too high and the lack of multiplayer capability were common among the comments’ complaints.

“(I’m) tired of getting punished (with) no truffles for having very happy pigs,” said user Mike Schmitt of the bug.

Though multiplayer complaints have been prevalent ever since the possibility was announced, they echo here once again.

“I was a bit disappointed with this update only being a bug fix update,” said user 00petar00. “I have read that multiplayer would take time and I respect that, but I expected to see some new features.”

All in all, though many expressed their satisfaction with the update in the comments section, 1.2 may have left “Stardew Valley” with more issues than it solved.


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