“Pikmin” makes the jump to handheld

By Z. Galaxy

It has been four long years for “Pikmin” fans since the release of “Pikmin 3.” The series, though starting in 2001, has only three titles to its name, with no known future for another.

That is, until the most recent Nintendo Direct.pikmin

On July 28, 2017, a spin-off title called “Hey! Pikmin” for the Nintendo 3DS will hit store shelves worldwide.

However, we are not playing a real-time strategy game, trying to protect Captain Olimar from a horrible fate. We are not treasure-hunting with a partner to save Hocotate Freight. We are not worrying about running out of juice before we finish carrying fruit back to the ship.

We are playing a side-scroller.

Despite the relative failure of “Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash,” a fellow game that made the jump from home consoles to handheld in a side-scrolling fashion, Nintendo is trying again. Whether this game will sell well or sink is dependent on the fans’ dedication to the series and its quality.

“Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash” had a Metacritic score of 59, which does not bode well for this new title. “Hey! Pikmin” will have to surpass the mundane gameplay of its peer while holding fast to the charming nature of the “Pikmin” series.

The game will also be releasing with a brand new “amiibo” figure, though it is not known what function it will have in-game.

Olimar’s next adventure in the “Pikmin” world will be fraught with danger, but one can only hope that tight controls, pleasing gameplay, and effective marketing will shoot it into success.


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