“Splatoon 2” paints a bright future for the series

splatoon-2-01-13-17-16By Z. Galaxy

Now that the “Splatoon 2 Global Testfire” has come to a close, much more about how the game will play and what new battle features will be implemented has come to light. The “Testfire,” which ran from March 24-26, 2017, was a downloadable online demo of the new “Splatoon” game.

With the recent news on the title, we won’t have to wait much longer for a chance to shoot some ink. The game will make a splash into the market on July 21, 2017.

Players battled it out with some new weapons, such as the “Splat Dualies,” a pair of ink-squirting pistols, and the “Curling Bomb,” a sliding bomb that rebounds wall-to-wall while spreading ink across the turf. These both could prove to be innovative additions to gameplay, as they replace other weapons with comparable functions, but with their own twist.

As I watched the high-stakes battling of the “Testfire,” where the goal was for one team to cover the most ground in ink, it became apparent that the fast-paced gameplay of the original “Splatoon” had not been left behind. In fact, it appeared to be even faster and smoother. Respawns did not take long and, before the combatants knew it, they would be back in the fray.

Nintendo is well-pleased to announce the success of the “Testfire” through their blog focused on “Splatoon.”

The release is not far off, so in the meantime, “stay fresh!”


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